Waste Water Vacuuming on-board Ships, Aeroplanes and Trains

Modern ships have collection tanks for waste water. This waste water is not allowed to be discharged but must be collected and treated in a harbour in an environmentally friendly manner. For this purpose harbours are equipped with boat extraction units which are connected via a pipeline system to a vacuum station.

The vacuum technology is also well suited to the sucking out of toilet waste water from the sanitary tanks of aeroplanes and trains.


Vacuum Sewer Systems – the Solution for Domestic Waste Water

For the planners of sewer systems, thinly populated areas, unfavourable ground conditions, high ground water levels, flat terrain or areas liable to flooding are a challenge. Under these circumstances, the use of customary non-pressure sewer systems can be difficult or even impossible. A vacuum sewer system is a sensible alternative which saves the cost and time of civil engineering.

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