Vacuum Drainage in the Laboratory and Industrial Plant Manufacturing

VACSYSTEM® modules offer a new type of drainage technology everywhere where hygiene and safety as well as flexibility are of importance. In the event of a leak in a waste water pipe no water can escape as it is transported under vacuum. With remote monitoring, and before water can escape, we can identify a leak by the build-up of pressure in the system. The total amount of centrally collected waste water of the whole building can be cleaned, treated or passed on into the sewer system at one location. The modular construction of the drainage units using high-quality, durable components allows cost effective expansion of a system even years later. Practical experience shows that customers save costs through the high level of flexibility of our systems. The waste water can also be transported upwards using water / air parcels. As a result, during reconstruction lower-lying rooms are not affected. Additional drains can be created at any time in any desired position and be connected to the main pipeline in the ceiling area. With the VACSYSTEM®, thanks to the durable components and only one, central vacuum station, we offer economic drainage technology which meets the high demands of laboratories and industrial plant manufacture.


Main Features of a VACSYSTEM®

Maximum operational safety and hygiene for waste water in sensitive environments

  • Blockage-free transport of various waste water to the sewer system
  • Exceptional adaptability in the pipeline routing
  • Lower life-cycle costs than conventional systems

Main Advantages of a VACSYSTEM®

  • No gradient necessary
  • Lower installation costs – no floor cutting, no pump wells only one decontamination plant
  • Short total reconstruction time – no pipes laid in the floor
  • Significant odour and hygiene advantages
  • Expandable at all times with additional vacuum points
  • Self-cleaning effect of the pipelines

VACSYSTEM® Operation / Maintenance

  • No escape of water in the event of a leak in the transport line
  • Special low-noise vacuum valves
  • Prepared for remote monitoring
  • Monitoring of the vacuum positions
  • A central vacuum unit with collection tank
  • Low maintenance requirements, durable and easy to replace components

Typical Applications of the Drainage

  • Sinks, washstands
  • Fixed cleaning equipment
  • Air conditioning units, refrigerators (condensate water)
  • Floor drains, shower cubicles

We have the systems for all areas of waste water technology. From sanitary facilities to supermarket drainage. Please ask us about it.