Vacuum Drainage of Cold Stores

VACSYSTEM® modules offer a new type of drainage technology for cold stores. With our systems we solve all drainage problems from the retail trade up to industry. In addition to the defrost water occurring with refrigeration and freezer units and cold and freezer rooms, waste water sources such as, for example, washbasins, dishwashers and washing machines can also be connected. With the VACSYSTEM® we have developed an economic drainage technology which offers many advantages.

The VACSYSTEM® lends itself to all cases where the occurring waste water cannot be fed into the sewer system by natural gradients.


Main Features of a VACSYSTEM®

  • Blockage-free transportation of various waste water into the sewer system
  • Lower investment costs than a conventional solution using pump wells and / or floor channels
  • Considerably lower maintenance costs than with systems with condensate water pumps

Advantages of a VACSYSTEM®

  • Lower installation costs – no floor cutting, core drilling and pump wells
  • Low dust emissions – no floor channel cutting
  • Short total reconstruction time – no pipes laid in the floor
  • No gradients necessary
  • Elimination of approval procedures
  • Obstacles can be bypassed

VACSYSTEM® Operation / Maintenance

  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Can be monitored remotely
  • One central vacuum unit with a collection tank
  • Transporting away in a higher situated sewer system connection is possible
  • Easy to expand with additional vacuum points
  • Odour and hygiene advantages

Classic Applications of Vacuum Drainage

  • Cold and freezer rooms
  • Refrigeration and freezing equipment
  • Air conditioning equipment
  • Sinks

We have the right system for all areas of waste water technology, from sanitary facilities to clean room applications. Please ask us about it.