Our Aim and Ambition

Our aim is to offer our customers optimum drainage solutions.

With the VACSYSTEM® we offer an economical, long-lasting system solution which has many advantages.

Some examples of problems which with the VACSYSTEM® are things of the past:

  • Conventional drains rely on gravity in a gradient. Especially during renovation, the installation of drainage pipes often involves considerable drawbacks, such as inconvenient floor cutting with all the noise and grime that go with it. The store has to be closed down and installation becomes expensive
  • New installations and alterations take too much time
  • The need for a gradient renders installation inflexible, difficult and expensive. Building layouts and shop designs have to adapt to the drains
  • The drainage of basement floors is usually done using pressure pumps which often clog the pipes and are prone to breakdowns due to unreliable components. Therefore only low discharge heads are possible and the ability to monitor the systems is limited
  • Adjoining rooms or lower floors often have to be used for the installation of a conventional waste water drainage system. This makes it impossible to cleanly separate the mechanics of one floor from the rest of the building. With more than one tenant this can cause complicated issues with legal approvals