The Solution

A VACSYSTEM® provides a radical solution to these problems.

The main components of our system, a vacuum drainage unit in connection with valves, vacuum piping and collection tanks, allow for efficient drainage and collection of all kinds of waste water in one central tank which can be installed at a higher level and at any convenient distance.


Many systems have been successfully installed and are working efficiently all over Europe. Interested customers are welcome to visit installations in Switzerland.

The extraordinary adaptability of a VACSYSTEM® to structural or commercially related concepts, especially in the event of later alterations to drains, speaks for the VACSYSTEM®.

Other advantages are:

  • No gradients are necessary (virtually any desired pipeline routing)
  • High flexibility in the event of extensions or alterations
  • No need to close the store
  • Lower installation costs (no floor cutting, core drilling or breakthroughs)
  • Floors and concrete slabs remain intact (fittings)
  • Installation without the usual noise and grime
  • Quick and easy installation
  • No issues with legal approvals (for use of adjoining rooms necessary for gradient drainage lines)
  • No risk of water leakage and ensuing damage (vacuum piping)
  • Excellent odour and hygiene advantages (fish sales counters and similar)
  • Ideal for all kinds of waste water (condensation, sanitary facilities, washing water or polluted water)
  • Collection of waste water in one central tank (clear separation of waste water)
  • Attractive low total investment costs