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The pioneer in vacuum drainage and your expert for efficient drainage of waste water and liquids of all kinds.

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We solve challenges related to drainage such as in laboratories, hospitals, supermarkets, entire villages and also at your site! Wherever hygiene, safety or flexibility are crucial, we efficiently remove condensation water, industrial wastewater and oils, fatty, contaminated or radioactive wastewater as well as municipal wastewater thanks to our advanced vacuum drainage technology.

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At VAC SYSTEMS I have a lot of responsibility, but I also have a lot of freedom in a very interesting work environment. I appreciate to work with a competent and motivated team. This allows us to find the right solution for the complex problems of our clients. A small detail my team and I appreciate about our job: Even in winter our construction sites are warm.

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VAC SYSTEMS AG offers everything under one roof, from consultation and installation to emergency repair services. This work is carried out by qualified specialists with extensive experience in vacuum technology. These specialists ensure periodic maintenance of the system and take care of any troubleshooting required on site. In addition, VACSYSTEM technicians are available on call in case of an emergency or for repairing faults directly on site - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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VAC SYSTEMS provides professional advice to engineers and architects regarding the integration of a vacuum drainage system and regarding the careful selection of components that enable the client to achieve high operational reliability with low life-cycle costs (LCC).

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Installation of a VACSYSTEM is carried out by our own qualified specialists with extensive experience in vacuum technology or by trained and carefully selected partner companies.

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Experienced VACSYSTEMS technicians maintain the systems as required and ensure operational reliability and value retention of the system.

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Thanks to the 24-hour support service, VAC SYSTEMS guarantees a high level of operational reliability for its systems. In the rare event of a malfunction, VAC SYSTEMS experts come on site to rectify the problem.


The consumption of water, land, and electricity is reduced. Capital, implementation time and emissions are saved.

VAC SYSTEMS combines innovation and pioneering spirit in its drainage systems - in cooperation with its suppliers. In supermarkets, laboratories, hospitals and industry, advanced vacuum drainage technology enables sparing use of resources.

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Wastewater can be collected separately according to the type of contamination and thus be centrally treated and reused. The amount of wastewater is reduced and with it the costs for processing.



Lower electricity consumption, as the VAC SYSTEMS only require one central pump unit. Several decentralised pumps are not required.

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The use of high-quality and reusable materials in VAC SYSTEMS minimises wear and tear on parts and the associated maintenance.

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The short conversion time, low operating costs, high flexibility for later adaptations or expansion of the drainage system save capital.



The compact design of a VAC SYSTEM requires little space. Obstacles on the ceiling can be easily avoided with flexible pipe construction. All wastewater is passed on centrally to a transfer point.



Pipes are guided along the ceiling and do not necessarily have to be installed in the floor. This saves valuable time during the conversion and the pipe system can also be adapted or extended at a later date.

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